Tutorial - Material UI (MUI) and ClojureScript

Oct 22, 2022ยท

1 min read

How to use Material UI in ClojureScript?

With shadow-cljs and Reagent this is piece of cake:

  1. Start new project e.g.
    lein new reagent-frontend <myproject>
  2. Install MUI:
    npm install @mui/material @emotion/react @emotion/styled
  3. Now let's run the server with hot reloading:
    npm install
    npx shadow-cljs watch app
    Next actions will be in core.cljs file:
  4. Add import:
    (ns myproject.core
      [reagent.core :as r]
      [reagent.dom :as d]
      ["@mui/material" :as mui])) ; <---
    We will use Material UI's button as an example - other components work the same way.
  5. Define our button component (wrapper):
    (defn text-button
     [:> mui/Button {:variant "text"} label]) ; <--- here we use MUI component
    if you want to learn more about :> and react interop read this.
  6. add our new component to home-page which is our main component/container:
    (defn home-page []
      [:h2 "Welcome to Reagent"]
      [text-button "Click me!"]])
  7. The End!

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