How to learn Clojure


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I know I know, there are thousands of such topics all over the internet - but let me describe the best resources in my opinion:

  1. [Book] Clojure for the Brave and True - great book if you have no idea about any other LISP and Clojure. Mostly what you will learn are basic functions and Clojure syntax. It is also free :)
  2. [Book] Joy of Clojure - more advanced book talking about language internals and more complicated topics.
  3. [Book] Elements of Clojure - book about best Clojure practises, I would call this book Clean Code but for Clojure programmers.
  4. [Webpage] Clojure Reference - TLDR language reference.
  5. Practise, practise, practise...

Finally, I remember how long and hard my Clojure journey was, especially the practical side of it. I had really hard time to figure out how to start building backend and frontend apps, what libraries to use... I was searching for some decent framework.

When I picked some libraries I faced enormous problems along the way. Clojure community is great but not that big and it is hard to simply find some solution on Stack Overflow.

I needed to read the implementation details or just find the solution on my own...

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That is why I created Clojure and ClojureScirpt course - perhaps for you!

Clojure Hacker is afordable online video course.

I want to teach you Clojure and ClojureScript basics! You will learn the language and build frontend and backend apps. I will show you how to bootstrap the project, what libraries to choose and how to use them!